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EncDec Library

Version: 1.00
Release Date: May 21st, 2007


EncDec is a free Delphi unit to encode and decode string. It doesn't uses any sophisticated industry standard encryption method, it simply mimics base64 encoding with a configurable key. This unit is useful when you want to obscure a text and store it also as a string. I use this unit to store a string encoded in an INI file.




This library is released under Mozilla Public License. You can use it in your freeware, shareware or commercial softwares. You can send your modification to me, and if I decide to include it in the main distribution, I will add your name as a contributor. You can read full licensing information here.



There is nothing to install. If you want to use this library, just copy EncDec.pas to your project and add EncDec to unit uses clause.



There are some functions of the library:

  • function EncodeString(const Str: string): string;
    Encodes a string defined by Str. The result is also a string type.

  • function EncodeString(const Str: string): string;
    Decodes an encoded string defined by Str.

  • var EncDecKey: string;
    Is a global variable that is used by EncodeString and DecodeString functions. It must be 65 characters in length, no duplicate chars, uppercases and lowercases are allowed.



Download full source code and demo here:
224 KB

Version: 1.00
Release Date: May 21st, 2007