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About Me

Me and my son My name is Priyatna. I'm a programmer as hobby and also as a profession. I live in northern area of Bandung, Indonesia. I'm married, have a boy and a daughter. I do programming mainly in Delphi/Object Pascal, but sometimes I also do it in C and PHP.

For you who cares to know me much deeper, here is the long version.

Me and Programming

I started to program since my early teenage. It all began somewhere in 1991, when I was in junior high. My school created a computer lab and we had a computer lesson as an extra-curriculer. There were 20 computers, most of them were AT 80286, there were also XT 8088 and 8808. Every students had to bring their own 5 1/2 inch diskette. The lesson itself was about DOS, WordStar, Lotus 123 and dBase.

I was very impressed with this creature called "computer". I thought to myself, it would be cool if I can create a customized menu with my name in it everytime I booted the computer from my 5 1/5 inch diskette; something like "Welcome to Priyatna's Computer. Press [1] to start WordStar, press [2] to start Lotus 123, press [3] to start dBase, or [x] to exit." So I asked to my instructor, and then he told me that it could be done using Autoexec.bat and batch script.

As there was no batch scripting lesson in my lab, I bought some computer books and magazines. I taught myself from reading those books. And then my programming journey began.

From batch script, I was introduced to "ansi.sys", an extension to batch scripting that was part of Norton Utilities. I could change computer's background color with this extension. I was very excited. I designed my custom menus and my batch scripts offline, i.e. using pencil and notebook, because we only had a chance once a week working at lab.

Then I ran to basic/basica programming, as it has more functions and more powerful. Then I ran to Turbo Basic, created several simple programs, and then finally found a home in Turbo Pascal 5.5.

I continued using Turbo Pascal until they introduced Windows as new operating system and also a new programming platform. There was no choice then for me except to plunge myself to Delphi.

In 2000, I started a project with my friend, later my brother-in-law, codenamed "Fieldma" (Field Management Assistant) It is a software to calculate petroleum contracts in Indonesia. Constantly in development, currently it has a lot of nice features: risk analysis, monte carlo simulations, sensitivities, multi sensitivities, spider diagrams, etc. It is also used by some government bodies, oil companies and some local governments, as well by some independent oil consultants. It is not intended for general audience, however.

Since 2001, I've been joining FreshDevices A software publisher that produces windows utilities. Yea, this is my first and only full day job until now. I'm responsible for developing and maintaining some softwares, mainly in hardware system, benchmark and system configurations.

In 2005, I started a project codenamed "Reel Project". It is a DVD authoring tool that allows you tou create a DVD from JPG, MP3, MPG and AVI. The JPG images will be automatically composed as a slideshow with a lot of visual effects. The coolest feature is that it can automatically create multipaged animated template-based DVD menu. Yea, baby! Check this out

September 2006, I created a start-up software publisher company called Panonpoe Software Panonpoe is actually a sundanesse word which literally means "eye of the day" or "the sun". Soon later Panonpoe Software became a licensee of MPEG-2 technologies. We acquired the license from MPEG-LA.

I make use of my programming skill in almost every aspect: to create a diary for my wife, to calculate mortgage, to manage daily expenses, to create a karaoke program for my wife, to print letters on colored papers for my son's birthday decorations, to create a game for him, to create pranks for my friends, etc. But the ugliest and the silliest program I've ever created is a contraction frequency calculator. It was created while I was panicking, waiting for my second child's birth. It is a simple little program to estimate the frequency of contractions. I've been told that when the average interval between contractions is less than certain minutes (I forgot, 5 minutes?), I had to bring my wife to hospital. So instead of predicting or guessing, I created this little tool. Sure I didn't abandon my wife in pain to create this thing. I'm not that weird.

Me and Internet

Among my college friends, I was the last person to know internet. In 1998, they were already familiar with e-mail, web and IRC. They usually connected to internet from internet caffees around the campus. I didn't interested in going to internet caffees not because I didn't interested in internet, but mainly because I was broke, no money. A friend then dragged me to a caffee and he shown me how to send e-mail, join IRC channel, surf the web, etc.

Wooww! That was a whole new world. Soon I had a target: to build my own website. I taught myself HTML and start to build my first website using my friend's laptop. That was the craziest thing I've ever done in my life: I didn't sleep and didn't eat (except little snacks) for three days in row!!! Of course, I didn't have enough money to buy something to eat. Poor me.

My three days effort paid me very well. I had my personal website online on free hosting: Unfortunately, it is not currently available anymore.

I played around with Perl sometimes, before I found PHP somewhere in 2001. In 2003, I have my own website online at Due to some reasons, I can't continue to maintain the website. It went dead somewhere in 2004.

The lesson from the up and down of my websites, is that if you want your website to last forever, you have to make it pays itself. That's the reason why I choose ad-supported format for this my new website. I hope it will last longer that its predecessors.

Me and Family

I live in northern area of Bandung. It is a nice place to build a family; warm neighborhood, fresh air, crystal clear soil water, good city view, etc. I live with my wife and my two children.